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Many businesses require security systems and access control on their doors to ensure that intruders and unauthorised personnel cannot gain access to a build of a specific room. Having a professionally installed system can stop or limit access to buildings or specific rooms and give you the security of controlling access.

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Code access control doors are simple to use and cost-effective for your business. They allow you to access a building / room by entering a central code. This can then be given out to employees, or specific individuals who require access to the building of a specific room.

This is a cost effective way of adding security to your business premises and the contents of your building.

Digital Access

Having digital access to buildings or rooms not only provides improved security but it also removes the potential for unauthorised access or blocked access. If someone loses keys, gets them stolen or duplicated unlawfully someone who doesn’t have authorisation could be able to access valuable information or valuables.

ALS Locksmiths can install a digital security system to your business, designed to suit your needs and requirements.

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Networked Control

There are types of businesses that require networked controlled security systems that can control multiple doors from a central point. This type of system may be required in care homes, businesses with high-value assets and other businesses that need the ability to control door security with ease.

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