Security Safes

Many people now own a safe both personally and for business. Having a safe can provide valuable security in your home or your business. Allowing you to store high value or sentimental items.

When buying a safe many people don’t consider that it could require maintenance. If a safe is used regularly or barely used at all it is important to maintain them to ensure you have easy access when you require it.

If you require immediate access to your safe then please call us on 07768 973055. We offer a 24 hours, 365 day a year service!

  • Safe Supply

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

  • Safe accessability

  • Safe transportation

Security safes

Whether you are looking for a secure safe for your home or a large safe for your business, ALS Locksmiths offer a bespoke supply and installation services thats suits your requirements.

Discuss with us your requirements and we will suggest the best products for you to use to provide the highest amount of security whilst providing value. Our experienced technicians are able to choose from the vast amount of products to ensure you get a safe that you can rely on.

There are a wide amount of options available to you including free standing safes, wall mounted safes, under floor safes, cash safes and more. Give us a call on 07768 973055 to see how we can help you!

Data safes

With the world ever evolving cash and jewels are now not the only things that provide value and require security. Data safes are safes that protect vital documents, information and electrical components, not only can the correct safe stop these valuables being stolen but also protect them in the case of a fire or flood.

In many cases, internet based business and companies that hold valuable information in paper form protect their assets with a data safe to ensure that they never get damaged. A fine example of this is internet based companies storing their online server backups in secure data safes so that is their online assets become corrupt because of damage they are able to restore their systems with their secure backup.

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